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HERCULUS & XENEA is the Official Sponsor to the E.P.I.C.TalkShow and Support our efforts across our Partner Platforms.

Both Campaigns known as GIVE BACK LOVE LIFE and YOU ROCK FOR A CAUSE are Resident Campaigns to the Private Label HERCULUS & XENEA serving to help People across the World, Planet Earth!

We welcome your contribution in participating by purchasing from our HERCULUS & XENEA Product line in Energy Drinks and Carbonated Sparkling Water.

Your every $10,000.00USD or more Product Purchase Award you with an International 1 Week Trip as per the @C`VISION Campaign.

You earn 1 Trip per Year, Annually per $10,000.00USD HERCULUS & XENEA Product Purchase.

Kindly purchase from our Distributor Partner, ZYMOTIC.

Thanking you kindly for being part of the New World serving others across the World and helping where you can makes all the difference to someone somewhere on Planet Earth!

Purchase your Products at  ZYMOTIC in Purchasing any of the SPRING FLY and or @123 Products you're entered!

Announcement Date:  10 January 2020

Location:  The winner to be Announcement right here on the E.P.I.C.TalkShow website platform after the live Broadcast on the E.P.I.C.TalkShow.



*You receive VIPP tickets to one of the E.P.I.C.Talkshow Network Team Production Series Life Show known as the International Universal Christina J HEROICIS Shows for both yourself and your partner.

*You receive a night at Sea in your Country of Residence for you and your partner on yacht and a helicopter tour on your Continent of Residence.

The Purchase Your Product @C`Vision gives everyone young and old alike, men and women the opportunity to in part be part in helping people around the World where we take hands with the W.A.C.Organization  ZYMOTIC  and HERCULUS & XENEA in helping Women and Children that's been victims of inhumane crimes on their way to healing and recovery and provide clean drinking water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.  

Every Product Purchase works in your favor towards your travel adventure whilst helping others by making a Product Purchase online at ZYMOTIC.

This is our way in thanking you for having the heart and goodwill to help others.

How it works... 

Purchase to the value amount of $10,000.00USD.

You receive your The Fortunate You! TravelPackage and we Fly you to one of three International Destinations, paid in full!

Purchase to the value amount of $10,000.00USD ZYMOTIC Product Purchase.

That's it!

This includes your hotel stay, airport transfers and your round-trip flights.  

Visa and Passport is for your own account so ensure to have your travel documentation up to date in order to travel abroad.

The destinations are 1 to Miami, 2 to London and 3 to New York City!

Miami - 7 May 2020 to 15 June 2020

London - 13 December 2020 to 21 December 2020

New York City - 5 September 2020 to 11 September 2020

The Broadcast on Date, 10 January 2020 on the E.P.I.C.TalkShow will include The Fortunate You!  Travelers honoring them for their partnership and contributions over the past months in helping people across the World.


Make your Product Purchase at ZYMOTIC

Most important every product you purchase on ZYMOTIC are in funds and food delivery made to people across the World!  Our contributions to Organizations provide food, clean drinking water to people around the World and help Women and Children that's been victims of inhumane crimes on their way to healing and recovery.


We thank you for being part in helping us help people across the World!

***New destinations for you to explore and discover on your travels each year!***

`10@C` Vision`

Your contribution you'd do it anyway this time around make it count in favor of someone you might never meet however your contribution change the lives of people across the World!

This is the 10@C`Vision ongoing endeavour in helping the hungry and thirsty around the World.  

We Deliver what you order online at ZYMOTIC to people across the World!  

All you have to do is go to the ZYMOTIC online platform, select any of the products that you would like to have Delivered to People across the World to either of the 7 Continents and or Islands in-between.


Kindly note in your message on the payment screen prior to checkout at ZYMOTIC Storefront where your Product Purchase contribution is to go to help the hungry and thirsty Geographically!  

Together we can help everyone alive on Planet Earth!  

There is no more excuse to lay back and do nothing. 

Together we make the difference that change the World for future Generations however more specifically this very World we are alive and living in today is good enough, worth it and it's absolutely do able to see the fruits of the seeds we sow for the good in the lives of others in this very Era, Century and Millennium reach their full potential! 

We Serve you Continent to Continent and Islands in between help us help others on your life's journey. 

Thank you for your contribution, you help us in making the difference and that in essence is you making a difference.

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