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E.P.I.C.TalkShow Production Series Premiere

locked in.

E.P.I.C.TalkShow Production Series Premiere with Christina J and

Songstress, Artist EMMA HEWITT

at SHIMMY Beach Club!

*this event has been cancelled in the Year, 2016.*

*New Date to be Announced in the Year, 2018!*

Kindly refer to for the Show date! 

Also stay tuned to the E.P.I.C.TalkShow Broadcasts for announcements pertaining EMMA HEWITT in South Africa for her solo Debut Album release and the E.P.I.C.TalkShow Production Series Premiere Shows known as the HEROICIS Shows in collaboration with HERCULUS & XENEA ZYMOTIC and the W.A.C.Organization across the World, Planet Earth!

Button Up..


Button Up.. this Event happens once a Year on the selected Continent where everyone present receives a special gift that cannot be purchased anywhere on Planet Earth after the Event has commenced. Enriched with the voices in vocal song and music of World renowned Artists!

Further details pertaining the Event will be uploaded 3 Months prior to the Official Event! 

Check in for the early bird tickets!

New Years Celebration!


Further details to the New Year Celebration, 2019 to be uploaded 3 Months prior to the Festivity in the Year, 2018! 

Check in for the early bird tickets!

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